Welcome to Dead City.

A zombie apocalypse has happened and Mikael and JP are left in the city trying to survive after most of the population has fled. A slice-of-life post-apocalypse comic. Sometimes you find love in weird places. Like when you're trying not to get eaten.

May Hiatus 2017

We’re really excited for our guest comics for this year’s hiatus! We’ve got some great artists and we’re so thankful for the help!

I hope you’re all excited as we are! And thanks for sticking with us!

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Third Anniversary SPECIAL

Hello everyone and happy halloween!

Today's is Dead City's third anniversary and I thank you for sticking with us. Today we've got a short comic for you so check out the latest pages (3 total).

It will be up for about 24 hours and our regular update will continue tomorrow.

The special comic will be moved to our tumblr where it will stay: topazcomics.tumblr.com

Thank you all so much for reading.

Happy Halloween!

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Page Delay

Sorry everyone, but there will be no page update today because I'm really sick. I'm so sorry! Hopefully we'll be back up next Tuesday.

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May Hiatus is over! Back to your scheduled chapter!

Q&A posts have been moved to the extras page as well as our comic blog http://topazcomics.tumblr.com/

Thank you all for your questions, and enjoy the continuation of chapter 17 tomorrow!

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May Hiatus Q&A w/ JP and Mikael

Dead City’s yearly May hiatus is coming up fast and we’ve got a plan!

Got questions for JP and Mikael? Great! Ask away and we’ll be posting the drawn answers to those questions on the Dead City page every Tuesday in May!

Send your questions to the blog: http://topazcomics.tumblr.com/ask

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